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More Information About GRush Rejection


As soon as our app GRush was finally available in the iTunes store we learned that an app is available that has exactly the functionality because of which our app was rejected the first time – namely Bitcoin trading. In our first version our app was intended to allow trading on the platform with… Read more »

GRush Finally In The App Store


After what seemed to be ages our latest app was finally released for the App Store. Although we inquired why it took so long we were not able to get any information whatsoever from Apple. Sounds familiar? Nothing changed in Cupertino.

GRush Still In Review


Nothing happened since 3-11. Nothing except an email from Apple stating that they need more time for the review. How much more? We weren’t told. So we’re still waiting for our first release…

GRush In Review

Our new app GRush is in review right now. So when everything is ok, it will be available in the app store in a few hours. Stay tuned…

New Version Of GRush Uploaded For Review


After we had some problems with our initial version of GRush resulting in a rejection from the iTunes store we reworked our new sibling and uploaded it again for review. If everything works fine this time we expect GRush to hit the store around March, 12th 2014. Basically Apple asked us to  remove some functionality… Read more »