The first of it’s kind: a viewing app for the CEX.IO bitcoin trading platform and the GHASH.IO mining pool. With CEX.IO you can buy GHash directly online and start mining bitcoins immediately.

With this app you have a real time overview of your CEX.IO account in your hands. See live ticker data of all commodities traded on CEX.IO which are GHash to Bitcoin (GHS/BTC), GHash to Namecoin (GHS/NMC), Namecoin to Bitcoin (NMC/BTC), and Litecoin to Bitcoin (LTC/BTC). You will also see your assets – available and in orders – and your open orders.

Be informed about the latest trends in the bitcoin market. We don’t have to convince you of the advantages of the mobile style, do we? You have an iPhone? You have a CEX.IO account? Then put them to good use with GRush.

Features of GRush:
- Accurate and up to date overview of your balance: available and in order
- Live ticker with the latest prices for all commodities (due to API constraints this ticker is updated about every 2 seconds)
- Overview of your computing power in the GHash Pool generating bit coins
- Forecast of mined bitcoins at your actual hashrate per day, week, month, and year (we use the service of Alloscomp Bitcoin Calculator to provide this data)
- Have all your open orders prominently displayed on the central screen and cancel them with the usual swipe gesture if need be

Prerequisites: You need an account with CEX.IO to use GRush. API key and secret have to be generated for your account and provided to GRush. Generate this key in your CEX profile under the API section. As a general rule be sure to generate a new API key for every application you use with your CEX.IO account. Using the same API key for more then one application will almost surely result in application failures.

- Your data is safe with us. Every sensitive data that is stored on the device is encrypted by industry standard AES 256 encryption.
- Your data belongs to you. We don’t collect it. We earn our money with quality software, not with our customers data. We also don’t use any third party app metrics library to spy on you.
- We listen to your needs. If you have any requests for future releases, please don’t hesitate to contact us. The same goes for bugs you find, of course, though we hope few slipped by our quality control.

GRush in the App Store


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