New Update For Chakra Color In The Making

We are currently working on a new update for our Chakra Color app. It has been a long time since the last update and we have something special for you. We plan to make statistical data available on the chakra activity in the continents and countries.

For us this will be an exciting new experiment in visualizing the chakras of the planet. For this we will need your participation, naturely. Especially you will have to allwo us to collect statistical data on your whereabouts and the time you use our Chakra Color app on the according chakras. From this we will compile a map of the world showing your chakra activities.

As our users know we are always concerned about your privacy. Because of that it was an easy decision to collect that data only anonymously. And to protect your privacy even more, the statistics will only be availble down to country level.

We will publish more information on this later, as this new and exciting feature evolves…